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1984 Piper Malibu


N4358M, S/N 46-84080-48, 2455 Total Time Airframe, 1465 Since Factory Reman Engine,

350 Since Engine Top Overhaul, 498 Since New MT Four Blade Prop, IFR Certification Due 6/1/16, ELT Due 7/1/16, Annual Inspection Due 4/1/15, All Oil and Fuel Hoses Replaced Firewall Forward 3/20/14, King KMA-24 Audio Panel, Garmin 530 WAAS, Bendix-King KMD-550 MFD, Bendix-King KLN-90B GPS, BF Goodrich WX-500 Stormscope, Garmin GTX-330 Transponder, King KT-76A Transponder, King KNS-80 RNAV, King KY-196 Comm, King KR-87 ADF, Airtex ME-406 ELT, Dual Glideslopes


Exterior:  White Base with Dark Brown, Light Brown and Red Trim
Interior:   Tan Leather
Price:  $259,000.00
1968 Cessna 172
5380 TT Airframe, 1530 Since New 180 HP Engine, 285 Since New Propeller, IFR Cert Due 6/1/2015, Annual Due 4/1/2015, King KA-134 Audio Panel, Dual King KX-155 Nav/Comms, Glideslope, King KT-76 Transponder with Encoder, King KR-86 ADF, Garmin GPS-155XL GPS, Garmin 296 Yoke Mounted GPS, WX-8 Stormscope, Century Autopilot Coupled to Garmin 155 GPS, Complete Logs Since New
Exterior:  White Base Color with Light Blue and Dark Blue Trim
Interior:  Blue Carpet with Tan Velour Fabric Seats
Price:  $29,900.00
1977 Piper Arrow III
N4065Q, S/N 28R-7737060, 7040 Total Time Airframe, 78 Engine Major Overhaul done by Triad Aviation 11/18/2009, 575 Since New Prop (Three Blade McCauley), Complete Logs, Hangered, Annual Due 4/1/15, IFR Certification 2/1/15,  ELT Due 3/1/17, King KMA-24 Audio Panel, Dual King KX-155 Nav/Comms, Glidescope, King KT-76 Transponder with Encoder, Apollo/Garmin GX-55 GPS, Apollo 2001 IFR GPS with Remote Indicator
Exterior:  Beautiful White with Blue, Silver and Black Trim
Interior:  Very Nice Blue and Gray Seats with Matching Carpets
Price:  $79,000.00



1991 Mooney M20M Bravo

N9149X, S/N 27-0111, 2495 Total Time Airframe, 830 Since Engine Factory Overhaul, 250 Since New, Three Blade Heated Prop, ELT Due 12/2015, IFR Certification Due 8/1/2015, Annual Due 8/1/2014, Garmin 530 WAAS, GL69 XH Weather & Terrain Alert, GPS Moving Map, and Airport Data, KFC-150 Autopilot with Altitude Hold & Approach Coupling

Exterior: White Top, Blue Bottom with Red and Gold Trim

Interior:  Beautiful Light Tan Leather

Price:  $ 159,900.00

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1979 Cessna 340

N8702K, S/N 340A0623, 6295 TT Airframe, 270 Since Engine Overhaul Left and Right, 270 Since Prop Overhaul Left and Right, Annual Due Now, Garmin GNS-530 GPS WAAS, Garmin-430 GPS WAAS
Exterior: White Base with Black, Brown and Gray Trim
Interior:  White Leather with Blue Leather Inserts

Price: $225,000.000

1967 Piper Comanche 260-B
N9198P S/N 24-4692, 3650 TT Airframe, 90 Hours Since Engine Major Overhaul By JB Aircraft Engines, 785 Since Prop Overhaul, ELT Due 3/1/15, IFR Cert. Due 3/1/15, Annual Due 2/1/15
Exterior:  White Base with Blue and Black Trim
Interior:  Ivory Leather (New 2012)
Price:  $89,000.00
1966 Piper Twin Comanche
N7945Y, S/N 30-1039, 5395 TT Airframe, 1380 Since Eng. OH by Zepher Aircraft 6/21/95, 705 Since Prop. OH 1/9/06, Annual Due 1/1/15,
Exterior: White with Red and Black Trim (Original Piper Paint Scheme)
Interior:  Beautiful Leather Seats with Suede Headliner
2001 Cirrus SR22

N32GR, S/N 0046, 1175 TT Airframe and Engine, ELT Due 2/1/2016, Annual Due 3/1/2014, Extra Clean Well Equipped Aircraft
Exterior:  White Base with Green and Silver Trim
Interior:  Beige Leather
1979 Piper Archer
N2938U, S/N 28-7990574, 2665 TT Airframe, 340 Since Engine SMOH by St. LouisEngine & Cylinder 8/95, Annual Inspection Due 7/2014, Transponder Check Due 7/2015, ELT Battery Installed 5/2012, New Paint 1999, New Interior 2004, Same Owner Past 28 Years,  King KMA-20 Audio Panel, Duel King KX-170B Nav/Comms,  Glidescope, Garmin GPS Map 295,  Autocontrol III-B Auto Pilot, Always Hangered, No Known Damage History
Exterior:  White Base with Red and Blue Trim
Interior:  Deluxe Blue Velour
1978 Piper Seneca II


N36369, S/N 34-7870323, 10,400 TT Airframe, 1830 SMOH Left Engine, 1050 SMOH Right Engine, 0 Since Left Prop Overhaul, 1050 Since Right Prop Overhaul, King IFR, Full De-Ice, Club Seating
Exterior: White Base with Light Blue, Dark Blue and Gray Trim
Interior:  Light Blue Side Panels with Blue and White Checked Fabric
2008 Glasair 2+2 Sportsman
N22CQ, S/N 7274, 630 TT Airframe, 630 TT Factory New Lycoming IO-390, 210 HP Engine, 630 TT Factory New Hartzell 80 Inch Propeller, IFR Cert Due 2/1/15, ELT Due 12/2020, Annual Due 2/1/15
Exterior: Stunning with Green over Yellow and Black Trim
Interior:  Gray Leather
2006 Archer III
N474Y, S/N 2843630, 876 TT Airframe and Engine, IFR Certification Due 3/1/2015, ELT Due 7/1/2015, Annual Due 9/1/2014,
Dual Garmin 430 GPS WAAS, AVIDYNE ENTEGRA Primary Flight Display EX-5000, AVIDYNE ENTEGRA Multi-Function Display EX-5000
Exterior: White Base with Green and Gold Trim
Interior:  Brown Vinyl with Beige Fabric Inserts
1980 Beechcraft A-36 Bonanza
N919JB S/N E-1702, 3025 TT Airframe, 445 Since Engine Overhaul, IO550 Engine, Gami Injectors, 445 Since McCauley Prop Overhaul, Garmin 430 WAAS,  KFC-200 Autopilot, Exterior: White Base with Blue, Red, and Gray Trim, Interior: Tan and Brown Fabric


1971 Piper Twin Comanche
N8947Y, S/N 39-108, 3210 TT Airframe, 1090 Since Major Overhaul Left and Right Engines, 70 Since Left and Right Prop Overhauls, Annual Due 8/1/14
Exterior:  White base with Red, Blue and Red Trim
Interior:  Light Tan Leather
2008 Cessna 172S


N6343F, S/N 172S10848, 835 TT Airframe, Engine and Propeller, ELT Due 11/13, IFR Due 9/14, Annual Due 8/14, Impeccable Maintenance History
Exterior: White Base with Light Blue and Black Trim
Interior: Gray Leather
1982 Piper Dakota
N8209F S/N 28-8211035  1330 TT Airframe, 155 Since Engine Overhaul by Penn Yan, 155 Since Prop Overhaul, Exterior: Sandlewood Tan Base with White, Orange and Brown Trim
Interior: Deluxe Tan Velour with Sheepskin covers on Front Seats



1999 Cessna 208 Caravan

N208AV  S/N 20800314, 2420 TT Airframe and Engine,
605 Since Hot Section Inspection, Exterior: White Base with Red Light Blue, and Dark Blue Trim, Interior: Newport Leather Taupe, Apollo Wheat Sidewall, Armor Sand Carpet